about me

hey, i'm koba, nice to meet ya

i'm a college student studying psychology, i love making music and modding games (when i know how to)

i've worked on some music projects in the past for some community-focused projects, but currently i just do things when i get the motivation to

someday ill probably fill up this carrd with more things i've actually done when i'm not lazy

i also like playing games like half-life, yakuza, animal crossing, etc

that's all to really talk about for now though, thanks for stopping to read

things i've worked on

cool and new music team

(here's some albums i managed the production of that im really proud of)
LICORD: You Can (Not) Sound Good
Leak 08-07 (Late Ones)
Queue and New 3: The End of QUEUE


song: the fifth window on moons of theseus


★  half-life
★  animal crossing
★  splatoon
★  07th expansion
★  arknights
★  evangelion
★  fortnite
⭑  re:zero
⭑  kingdom hearts
⭑  final fantasy
⭑  touhou
⭑  chainsaw man
⭑  persona / smt
⭑  pokemon

before you follow me

i retweet more than tweeti probably won't reply back to or like most replies i get on my tweetsif you need something from me, let me know through dmsdon't expect me to post music on my account often, im self conscious about itdon't expect me to follow you back unless i know you well enoughdon't try to contact people through me, especially my s/odon't comment under every single tweet i makeif you have any issues with me, please let me know!! i get really anxious about doing something wrong so if that ever happens, please let me know, i may not be aware of it

do not interact if:

you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or hate any minority and oppressed group of peopleyou support pedophilia, incest, abuse, and support ships that have any of those involved in ityou openly force right wing ideologies onto peopleyour entire agenda is to troll or make fun of me, anyone close to me, or mine or their interests.you're manipulative and try to cause drama with othersyou cause dramayou're going to block me if i make a single mistake (if i ever do something wrong, PLEASE let me know. if you're not gonna do that and just block me on the spot eventually, just don't bother following me in the first place)

more dumb stuff

this carrd isn't really done yet, i still wanna make a page for my favorite musici used to work on art and graphic design but haven't in a while, i might pick it up again as a hobby in the future thoughi'm interested in beta and unused content for games and other mediamy favorite music genres are ambient, rock, and popi'm currently learning how to code but suck at itid put more stuff on here but im tired so maybe some other time